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Glass Fibre Ladders - For Electrical Safety

Glass fibre ladders are typically used for electrical installations & maintenance -  and also in the chemical industries.

They provide a level of safety from electrical hazards - and here at Bratts, we offer a full range of glass fibre ladders:

  • Single Section Ladders
  • Double Section Extension Ladders
  • Triple Section Extension Ladders
  • Surveyor's Ladders
  • Combination Ladders
  • Roof Ladders
  • Double Sided Steps
  • Platform Steps (and 360° Vision Platform Steps)
  • B-Dek Low Level Platform Steps - for 180° working and a 450mm platform

Many of these products are Kitemarked BS EN 131

And many offer you a choice between aluminium rungs and glass fibre rungs.

They all offer you very strong, anti-twist rung joints for added safety. 

Why not ask for our full catalogue now. Just fill in your details, and you'll be able to download it straight away. And we'll send you our free mini-course on what to look for in a ladder.