Ladders - Wooden, G;ass Fibre, Steel & Aluminium

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Aluminium Ladders - the Lightweight Alternative

Aluminium ladders are lightweight & durable. They can be an excellent choice when electrical work is not being undertaken. 

Choose from an extensive range:

  • Single Section Ladders - the length, rung spacing & width can be custom made if you wish.
  • Double & Triple Section Extension Ladders - rope operation can be fitted for you (but you must specify this when ordering; we can't fit it afterwards!)
  • Window Cleaning Ladders
  • Combination Ladders - for use as a double extension ladder, step ladders or as two single section ladders 
  • Roof Ladders - fitted with steel ridge hooks and runner wheels
  • Fruit Picking Ladders - with a tapered top & splayed base
  • Surveyor's Ladders - ideal for inspection work ... and you can carry them in the boot of your car
  • Platform Steps - ours are heavy duty
  • Swingback Steps - fixed or collapsible ... and you can order handrails at the top and at the sides - and a tool tray or bucket rest
  • 2 Sided Steps
  • Fixed Platform Steps - with a handrail if you wish
  • Warehouse Steps - these are non-folding, but we can supply them for self-assembly if you wish
  • Shelf Ladders - with a wooden crossbar or hooks at the top ... and you can have handrails if you wish
  • Loft Ladders - both heavy-duty and concertina.

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