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"Ladders? Isn't a Ladder Just a Ladder?"

Why You Should Choose Bratts for Your Ladders!

To a layman, it may seem at all ladders are much the same. And if you're new to ladders, you may be tempted by the low prices available from some suppliers.

Yes ... it can be tempting to buy cheaper ladders. But you'll get exactly what you pay for ... and you'll find that buying the cheapest is often a false economy. And sometimes you'll pay more than just money later on!

If, on the other hand, you choose Bratts Ladders, you'll get:

Quality, Reliability, Longevity .. & Ladder Safety

  • That's why we're chosen to supply every major electricity company with non-conductive access equipment.
  • That's why we supply telecom & gas utilities ... worldwide!
  • And that's why chemical, oil, rail, aviation and construction companies ... worldwide ... choose Bratts.


Craftsmanship Since 1895

You'll benefit from our experience. You see, we've been making ladders for longer than just about anybody else in the business. And it shows in our credentials.

  • We are the only quality manufacturer of BS1129 Class 1 Kitemark Timber and BS EN131 Kitemark Glassfibre ladders, stepladders and specialist access products for industrial use. So we're in a unique position to offer information on both.
  • And we supply a large range of safety equipment and BS2037 Class 1 Kitemarked Aluminium ladders and stepladders.
  • We work closely with the HSE ... so we can advise you on ladder and stepladder use within the new "Working at Height Law" which came into force in 2005.
  • Bratts can make access equipment to your specification!
  • And we'll repair the ladders you've got (even if they're not ours).
  • And run certified training courses ... and advise you on maintenance routines (or operate them for you).

In fact, we still maintain timber ladders we supplied to the electric supply industry over 25 years ago!

Why not ask for our full catalogue now. Just fill in your details, and you'll be able to download it straight away. And we'll send you our free mini-course on what to look for in a ladder.